On different Islamic occasions (i.e. religious holidays or anniversaries of the birth and martyrdom of the Holy Imams), the Roshd website has been sending short e-mails to all its registered members mentioning an aspect related to that Islamic occasion or person the occasion is related to. Due to the continuous requests for having access to previous subscribe e-mails, the Roshd website is proud to present a new section on the website itself entitled, "Occasion Letters". Thus, in addition to receiving the new letters in the mailing-list, everyone is able to have access to the archive of previous letters on the website itself. The letters are organized under different topics. You may click on the topics related to each occasion below. (Here is only a few number of these letters, but in the near future it will be added gradually.)

Furthermore, if you would wish to receive these letters on a regular bases (on the occasions themselves), and to be informed of the changes and additions that take place on the Roshd website, please feel free to subscribe here:

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