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Martyrdom of Imam Hadi (PBUH) : Jealousy: Endless Suffering [ 2017/04/01 ]
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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful



Jealousy: Endless Suffering


Jealousy is one of the negative traits and the root of many animosities, attitudes and gossips. Jealousy is in fact wishing for the disappearance of the advantages for others. Against Jealousy is admiration, which means wishing to have the advantages of others without wishing for the disappearance of those advantages from them. Jealousy leads to the notoriousness of the jealous and causes trouble for others; the holy Quran says that “from the vice of the envier one must take recourse to Allah (SWT)” 1.

It is narrated from Imam Hadi (PBUH) that: keep away from Jealousy for it becomes evident, while it has no effect on your enemy.2

Jealousy shows itself even if one tries to hide it, for the jealous always has in his mind to hurt the envied and defame him/her; therefore he does what he can, and this behavior makes his jealousy obvious through his words, looks and action.

However, apart from the troubles that others get into, jealousy makes the person suffer from inside without leading to the disappearance of the advantage of the envied.3 Therefore the jealous never sees calm and always suffers. The saying “the envier never calms” has roots in the narrations.4

To confront jealousy, one must take into account what has led to jealousy and is it really valuable and precious in our happiness? Unfortunately a lot of jealousy has roots in material conditions and worldly competitions; these envies are vicious. But if the reason for jealousy is some virtue, it is better to ask Allah (SWT) to give that virtue to us as well; instead of wishing for its vanish from others. The kindness of Allah (SWT) is great and the store of His granting is endless.5

(Selection from “Naqawi Wisdoms” by Jawad Mohadisi with minor changes)


On behalf of Roshd Website, we offer you dear friend and all Muslims around the world condolences upon the arrival of the third of Rajab, the Martyrdom of the guide towards truth, the light of magnanimity, Imam Ali ibn Muhammad al-Hadi (PBUH).

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1 The Holy Quran 113:5

2 ‘Alaam al-Din, pg. 311

3 Accoding to the narration by Imam Hadi (PBUH), jealousy does not make the other person to lose Allah’s (SWT) merci. But the act of jealousy might bother the envied person so much in which we must seek refuge to Allah (SWT) from such consequences. Further, Imam Hadi (PBUH) is saying that we must avoid jealousy at all costs as it affects no one else other than ourselves.    

4 Qurar al-Hekam, pg. 300

5 Some of Allah’s offerings are exclusive, meaning that they are offered to a selection of people. Such as the status of Imam (peace be upon them) and therefore, expecting to reach such status is not reasonable.


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