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Birthday of Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (PBUH) : Upholding trustworthiness, the condition for nurture [ 2019/05/22 ]
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Upholding trustworthiness, the condition for nurture


One of the most common causes of family breakdowns is the lack of respect of the husband and wife for each other’s rights. If they don’t respect the reciprocal rights and don’t respect each other or not have patience toward each other and fail to forgive each other’s mistakes, trust would vanish from their relationship. Furthermore, the children who are brought up in an environment of mistrust would turn to be ignorant toward the rights of their parents and possibly others. Therefore, respect for the spouse and upholding his/her rights can be regarded as a key principle for nurturing children.

When asked about the “identity of the lowest of all people”, Imam Hassan (PBUH) answered: “The lowest is the one who only thinks of himself and is ignorant toward his wife and leaves her on her own.”1

If one appreciates his wife and with respecting her rights provides for the calm and mental security of the household, his wife will be enabled to spend time and energy on the delicate task of parenting with an easy mind and a healthy spirit. The result would first benefit the parents and the ground for rearing a potent generation would thus be provided.

In our narrations the men are addressed: “your wives are lent to you by God, don’t bother them and don’t urge them to hard tasks.” 2 Yes, the mother is a being lent by God, and she nurtures a precious being. The father as the handler of the family must contribute to the role of the mother. Therefore the father can reduce the mental and psychological pains of the mother by kind treatment and verbal communication with a positive and affectionate approach and contribute to the training and growth of the children.


On Behalf of Roshd Website, we Congratulate you Dear Friend and All Muslims upon the 15th of the Blessed Month of Ramadan, Birth Anniversary of the Manifestation and Generous of the Ahlul Bayt (PBUT), and the Second Imam of the Shia—Imam Hassan Mujtaba (PBUH).


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