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Birthday of Imam Hussain - Master of Martyrs (PBUH) : A Strange Commencement [ 2015/05/22 ]
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In the Name of the Most High




A Strange Commencement


The dawn of Shaban the third, year 3 A.H. is considered as one of the most beautiful dawns for it was on this day that a blessed child entered the house of revelation.  They informed the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) that Lady Fatimah Zahra (PBUH) has given birth to a baby boy.  The Holy Messenger was filled with a mixture of joy and grief, seeking dearly to see the newborn.  Why the mixed emotions? Is it that the child has a disability?


No. The Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) is looking into the far future, occupied deeply in his thoughts.  He looks again at this newborn.  At times he is filled with joy, other times with grief and sadness.  He was like this for some time until tear drops role from his kind eyes.  O why is the Prophet (PBUH&HP), the warrior of bravery crying? Why is he crying, when even the bravest man of Quraish, Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) seeks his shelter in the hardest of times. But, yet he among the ladies, cries in the ceremony of the newborn child!


Asma narrates, “May my father and mother take your fall! Why are you crying?’ To which the Prophet replies, ‘I cry upon this infant!’


So I said, ‘But he is just born.’ And he responded, ‘Revolting men after me will kill him.  May Allah deprive them of my intercession’.”1


The response of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) is not just a human emotion stemming from mere thought to protect his name and family. This act, was the act of a divinely chosen Prophet.  And this newborn was not just his son, but in fact Hussein (PBUH) would be the leader of those seeking the clear path of the divine Prophet.  Thus, the news of his martyrdom was indeed a war between truth and falsehood.  It was this fact that made the Prophet cry on the child’s birth, a well-justified crying. 


An interesting birth was being celebrated in the house of Prophethood.  Even angels participated in this event.  Angel Gabriel came forth to say,


“O Mohammad! Allah sends His Salam and says, “Ali is to you in position as Haroon is to Musa, except for the fact that there is no Prophet after you. Therefore name this infant the name of Haroon’s son.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) says, “What was the name of Haroon’s son?”


Angel Gabriel responds, “Shubair.”


The Prophet (PBUH&HP) says, “But I speak Arabic!”  Wherefore he named the child Hussein (the Arabic equivalent of Shubair).2


This child would be raised in the arms of the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) and Amir al-Muminin Ali (PBUH).  Two years passed and he had not spoken yet! The lines on the face of the child are a strong reflection of his wisdom and will, then why does he not speak?


Once, Muslims stood to pray behind the Messenger of Allah, and Hussein (PBUH) was also standing beside the Prophet.  Those present prepared to recite the Takbir.  Silence filled the air. In this moment, the Prophet (PBUH&HP) recited Takbir, and following him a soft and low voice reciting ‘God is Great’ could be heard. This was the voice of Hussein ibn Ali. The Prophet (PBUH&HP) repeated the praise, and Hussein (PBUH) also repeated.  Those awaiting the prayer who witnessed this experience, would hear, repeat the praise, and remain in awe! The Prophet (PBUH&HP)  said the praise seven times, and Hussein (PBUH) had followed saying it seven times as well.3  Then the Prophet (PBUH&HP) began his Salat and Hussein (PBUH) would repeat what he would hear.  And it was so that the first words of Hussein (PBUH) was the words of the One God, Allahu Akbar, God is Great!


When walking with history, it is obvious to see how after 55 years, this child when taking his final steps for his holy war, and in a time when his pure body had fallen on the burning desert sand under the sun’s rays and his liver had been torn apart from thirst and the burning swords, he parted his lips and said to his Lord:


“O Lord! I am pleased at Your Decree, and there is no god but Thee!”4


And he would repeat this phrase up until his soul flew from his body to the heavens.


(Selection taken from the book, The Guiders of the Path of Light, the Life of Imam Hussein (PBUH) by Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Taqi Mudarresi)


Roshd Website congratulates all devotees of Imam Hussein (PBUH&HP) on the

Third of Shaban, birth anniversary of the burning light of guidance,

The Umma’s Savior Arc, and the Third Shiite Imam, Imam Hussein ibn Ali (PBUH)



Roshd Islamic Shia Website




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