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Birthday of The Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP) : Conquering Hearts [ 2011/02/21 ]
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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Conquering Hearts

Most of people might think that propagating a school of thought and a civilization is only achievable via war, blood shedding and hard quarrels. Does the history know anyone who has governed hearts instead of governing by sword?

Ady ibn Hatam was asked, ”How did you become interested in Islam and became a Muslim?” Ady explained his history as follows:

My sister Sufaanah was captured by Muslims in one of the battles. She was eventually released due to the recommendations of Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH). The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) generously sent her back to Syria where I had escaped. One day, I asked her, ”What do you think about the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP)?”  

In response, she praised the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) and mentioned his merits. She then said to me, ”I suggest that you quickly go to him and pay allegiance to him. Because if he really is a Prophet, then believing in him will guarantee your salvation in the Hereafter; and if he is after kingdom, then having a treaty with him will not harm you, and you will benefit from his power”.

I found her suggestion tempting, so I came to Medina, went to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP), and greeted him.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) asked,” Who are you?”

I replied, ”I am Ady ibn Hatam”.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) recognized me, so he took me to his house. On our way, an old woman approached him and discussed an issue with him. I saw that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) stood besides that old woman for a long time and talked to her with extreme kindness and compassion. I thought with myself, ”I swear to God that such a man is not after kingdom”.

When we entered his house, he laid his leathery mattress which was covered by palm fibers on the floor and asked me to sit on it. I refused to do so, but he insisted; so I sat down and thought with myself, ”I swear to God that this is not how kings behave”.

Then he said to me,” O Ady ibn Hatam! Did you not believe in Rokousyiah(1)?”

I replied,” Yes”.

He said, ”Then why did you take one forth of the income of your tribe while this is not allowed in your religion?”

His knowledge about the occult and what I saw from him in that period convinced me that he was the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP), so I believed in him and became a Muslim.”

The spread of Islam unlike many other ideologies have not been based on battles, rather as the history witnesses one of the key factors of attracting people to Islam was the good temper and humane generosity of the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP).

(The above is a selection taken from “The History of Islam”, by Sayyid Hashim Rasouli Mahallaati, with some changes)

The Roshd Website congratulates all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon 17th of Rabee al-Awwal, the auspicious birthday of the caller to faith and mercy, and the last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (PBUH&HP).


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1. A religion close to Christianity and the religion of Sabians, the followers of Prophet Yahya (PBUH).

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