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The Birthday of Amir al-Mu'minin (PBUH) : The Alawi Wisdom [ 2004/08/29 ]
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In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Alawi Wisdom

Moosa ibn Ja'far narrated from his great father from their great grandfather Ali ibn Hussain from his great father (PBUT) that:

One day Amir al-Mu?minin (PBUH) was sitting in the mosque with some of his companions. Meanwhile Zaid ibn Suhaan ?Abdi asked Imam Ali (PBUH): O Amir al-Mu?minin! Which king is strongest among all?

Amir al-Mu?minin (PBUH) replied: Death.

Zaid asked: What is the most abject act?

He Replied: Gathering wealth greedily.

Zaid asked: Which poverty is hardest?

He Replied: Atheism after belief.

Zaid asked: Which invitation is most misleading?

He Replied: One who calls people to what he does not have himself.

Zaid asked: What is the best deed?

He Replied: Piety.

Zaid asked: Which deed is best for salvation?

He Replied: Requesting what is with Allah.

Zaid asked: Who is the worst friend?

He Replied: One who presents sins as beautiful acts.

Zaid asked: Who is the most wretched among people?

He Replied: One who sells his religion in return for the materialistic world of others.   

Zaid asked: Who is the strongest among people?

He Replied: One whose patience is more. 

Zaid asked: Who is the most miserly?

He Replied: One who earns money from an unlawful way.

Zaid asked: Who is the wisest among all?

He Replied: One who can find the path to guidance among all other paths and moves towards the right path.

Zaid asked: Who is best to be the judge among people?

He Replied: One who does not get angry.

Zaid asked: Who is most consistent on his word?

He Replied: One who is not deceived by other people because of himself and by the world by its wealth.

Zaid asked: Who is the most stupid?

He Replied:  One who is deceived by this world while he notices the unstableness of it.

Zaid asked: Who is the most regretful?

He Replied: One who banned everything for himself in this world and in the hereafter; indeed this is the biggest regret.

Zaid asked: Who is blind?

He Replied:  One who has done nothing for Allah, but expects rewards.

Zaid asked: Which satisfaction is best?

He Replied: One who is satisfied with whatever Allah has given him.

Zaid asked: Which tragedy is hardest?

He Replied: Tragedy in religious matters.

Zaid asked: Which deed is the most preferred by Allah?

He Replied:  Awaiting relief (Faraj).

Zaid asked: Who has a better status in the view of Allah?

He Replied: One who fears Him most and is most pious and ascetic.

Zaid asked: In the view of Allah, which word is the best?

He Replied: Remembrance of Allah and entreating from Him by prayer.

Zaid asked: Which word is the truest?

He Replied: Testifying that Allah is the only God.

Zaid asked: Which deed is greatest in the view of Allah?

He Replied: Submitting to him, piety, and fear of Allah.

Zaid asked: Who is the most truthful among people?

He Replied: One who tells the truth in the battlefield.

(Selection taken from the book, ?Man La Yahdorohoo al-Faqih?, vol. 4, p. 381)

Congratulation to all on the auspicious birthday anniversary of the father of the believers, the leader of the pious, Amir al-Mu?minin, Imam Ali ibn Abitalib (PBUH).

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