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The Demise of Lady Khadijah (PBUH) : An Everlasting Remembrance [ 2006/10/03 ]
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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




An Everlasting Remembrance

The Prophet never refused to declare his devotion toward her. No one else could compete with her as the object of the Prophet’s high esteem. The time was passing year after year; however, the early years which were tied to her name was an exclusive period. During the time when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) was suffering harm from the infidels, there was a person who relaxed his mind, diminished the weight of his grieves, and caused him to forget his anguishes. That person was none other than Lady Khadijah (PBUH), the faithful and respected lady who was the supporter and partner of Muhammad (PBUH&HP)


The smiles of Khadijah (PBUH) diminished the weight of the grieves of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP); the love apparent in her face caused him to forget his pains and sufferings, and her faith-filled heart bestowed happiness on him.


Therefore, the presence of Lady Khadijah (PBUH) was an important factor in the life of the Prophet. She had a key role in the life of Islam, which was in the beginning of its growth at that time.


The greatest threat Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) faced in the beginning of his mission of prophethood was the economic blockade of Muslims. However, the property of Lady Khadijah (PBUH) was the key to breaking this blockade. She used to buy food for all the Muslims for several times as much as the real price until they passed the period of blockade safely, and the plan of the infidels of Quraish was defeated.


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) lived with Lady Khadijah (PBUH) for 25 years in the best manner and ultimate mutual agreement. Even after her death, the Prophet (PBUH&HP) used to reminisce about his life with Lady Khadijah (PBUH).  


Although Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) had other wives after Lady Khadijah (PBUH), his heart always belonged to her. But why was that? It was because of the faith in Allah (SWT) and the testimony to His Messenger he had observed in Lady Khadijah (PBUH). On the other hand, Lady Khadijah (PBUH) had offered all her wealth in the way of Islam; yet, she had utmost respect, honor, and love towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP).


Ibn Hajar, a prominent Sunni scholar, has narrated that, "One of the distinctions of Khadijah (PBUH) was that she always respected the Prophet and endorsed his statements both before and after his appointment to the prophethood." (1)


This love has become so obvious that one of the Arab Christian literary men (2) has described it as follows: "Khadijah offered her love to her spouse; while she did not feel offering; rather, she felt like grasping love, kindness, and prosperity from him. She offered all her wealth to him; yet, she did not feel offering; rather, she felt like receiving guidance, which is more valuable than all treasures, from him…" (3)


In return for her emotions and feelings, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) acted the same and appreciated this love. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) spent the spring of his life with Lady Khadijah (PBUH), and when he became mournful upon her demise, he felt lonely and their separation was difficult for him. As a result, he named the year of demise of Lady Khadijah (PBUH) and his uncle, Abu Talib (PBUH) as the year of grief.  


Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH&HP) admiration of Lady Khadijah (PBUH) is a lengthy topic which the historians and narrators of Hadith have mentioned in their books. Here, just as an example, we will quote a portion of it from Aisha, one of the wives of the Prophet after Lady Khadijah (PBUH). She describes the love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) for Lady Khadijah (PBUH) as follows:


"I had never seen Khadijah; however, I envied her more than any other wife of the Prophet, because he used to remember her a lot (4)... The Prophet never came out of his house unless he had remembered Khadijah and admired her (5)... and he never became tired of admiring her and asking Allah (SWT) to forgive her (6).


Whenever the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) slaughtered a sheep, he ordered that it be sent to the friends of Khadijah (PBUH). Once, I asked him about the reason for that. He replied:" I also love the friends of Khadijah..." (7).


Does not such a woman, who has grabbed the respect and love of the Prophet during and after her life, deserve becoming eternal in the history, and that researchers make efforts to study her life and characteristics so that they would be inspired by her true beliefs, firm faith, and magnificent example?


(Selection taken from," Khadijah (PBUH)", by Ali Muhammad Ali Al-Dukhayyil)


The Roshd Website offers condolences to all Muslims upon the 10th Of Ramadan, the anniversary of the demise of the kind partner and supporter of the Messenger of Allah (SWT) and the distinguished mother of the believers,

 Lady Khadijah Kubra (PBUH).


Roshd Islamic Shia Website




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