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Eid al-Fitr : Celebration for Forgiveness [ 2010/09/10 ]
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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Celebration for Forgiveness

Eid is a term for going back and return. It is given this name to mark returning from grief to happiness. It is a day when everyone is happy. A day has been marked as Eid to mark that on this day man arrives at Allah’s (SWT) promise. It is on such a day that people return to Allah (SWT) through asking repentance and praying, and Allah (SWT) bestows abundant blessings upon the people and His faithful slaves. 

Along similar lines Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) has said,

“As the night of Eid al-Fitr approaches, the night is called award night. Upon the dawn of Eid al-Fitr Allah (SWT) descends his angels to all grounds. They descend upon the earth and stand at the gateways of the streets and paths, and with a voice that all creatures except man and Jin can hear they say:

‘O nation of Muhammad (PBUH&HP)! Go towards your Merciful Lord in order to perform Salaat (prayer), as Allah the Merciful will forgive huge sins and bestow great blessings.’

And as people gather in the place where Salaat al-Eid will be performed, Allah (SWT) tells his angels, ‘My Angels! How shall one pay his worker who has done work?’

They reply, ‘O Lord, it must be paid in full.’ 

Allah says: ‘I have you as witness that I will reward my servant’s fasting and praying in the Month of Ramadan with My satisfaction and forgiveness upon them.” 

And Allah (SWT) addresses His servants: ‘My servants! Request from Me anything you wish, for I swear by My greatness and glory that in this gathering of yours, I will grant anything you want in this world and the Hereafter. And I swear by My glory and majesty that as long as you are careful, I will hide your secrets, protect you, and will not reveal you. Return (to Me) as you have been forgiven. You have made Me content, and I am content with you.’ 

The angels become happy, and their faces will glow and give glad tidings that on the day of Eid Allah (SWT) will bestow such immense blessings upon the community.”(1)

Indeed this is the reward of one month true obedience to Allah (SWT)….

(The above is a selection taken from the book “Rawdah al-Wa’idhin” by Muhammad ibn Hassan Fattal Neishaburi (508 AH) (2,3))

Roshd Website congratulates all Muslims and especially you dear friend on Eid al-Fitr, celebration of Return to Allah (SWT).

Roshd Islamic Shia Website


1. Amaali Sheikh Mufid, Majlis 27, p. 232 –“Virtues of the Tree Months” by Sheikh Saduq, p. 127.

2. Muhammad ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Ali Fattal Neishaburi, known as Ibn Fattal and Ibn Farsi, was a scholar from the fifth and sixth century A.H. He was killed in 508 A.H. And his book Rawdah al-Wa’idhin is among the references of the Bihar al-Anwar of Allamah Majlesi.

3. The above text has been taken from the Farsi translation of Rawdah al-Wa’idhin written by Dr. Mahmud Mahdavi Daamghani.

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