Glory be to the Almighty Allah (SWT) who has sworn in the holy Quran by the pen (Ghalam). Praise be to the Lord of Abraham, Moses, Jesus (PBUT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), who has called his followers to follow the truth and whom for his sake, Allah (SWT) has sent down His blessings to the mankind. Blessing and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad's family (Ahl al-Bait) (PBUT) whom Allah  (SWT)  has purified them from any sins and mistakes. And the best greetings to the last hope of mankind - the awaited Mahdi (PBUH) - who will rise against evil, injustice, and corruption; and will defeat them once and for all!

Peace be upon all those who are seeking to find the truth path. This website is especially dedicated to such people. Our goal is to introduce the school of the Infallibles (Ma'soomin) in the best possible way. Through wisdom and logical reasoning we try to present the Shiite belief in order to help our audiences who are trying to get acquainted with the teachings of the last Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) and that of his family (PBUT).

With the support of the Almighty Allah (SWT) and the true successor of his Messenger, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), and with the efforts of a group of young people, we have designed this website to introduce the school of Ahl al-Bait (PBUT) in the most concise and brief manner. Though we are still in the process of preparing and updating material to load on the website, we have provided materials in three languages, namely English, Persian, and Arabic. The name of the website - Roshd - which means the true path has been chosen from the holy Quran (2:256).

This website will also seek to answer any questions of the visitors about the belief of Islam and Shia. One essential aspect about this website is that we are trying to prepare the content in such a way that supports the need of our audience. We have a constant connection with prominent and distinguished Shia scholars who revise and edit the content.

It would be a great pleasure to receive your comments, suggestions, or questions. You may contact us through the Contact us section of the website.  

Finally please do not forget us; at least remember us in your prayers.


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