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Eid Ghadir : Succession, a Logical Law 


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Succession, a Logical Law


A businessman who decides to travel for a time understands the necessity of appointing someone to take care of business in his absence. Similarly, owner of any office or minister of any ministry will certainly appoint a substitute in their absence as well. Because the owner of a position has best understanding of who can perform the job best, then logically he is most deserving in appointing a substitute. With these thoughts in mind, is divine prophetic mission simpler than the above issues?  Do the substitution laws exclude those who carry the divine message?  Certainly not.

If the president of a company does not appoint a substitute in his absence, chaos run the company and the required work are not fulfilled, the workers of the company hold the expectation that the president should have taken the necessary steps to prevent chaos. 

Countries with constitutional laws have predicted incidents that may require a substitute for a position. Then how is it possible that Islam overlooked such an important matter as it expanded? Wouldn't denial of the fact that Imamate is a divine chosen position, be underestimating Islam? Did Allah (SWT) not predict what problems would have arisen if he had not appointed an Imam? Even so, could the Prophet not have guessed chaos would have risen amongst people after his departure? Could it have been possible that both Allah (SWT) and the Prophet were silent in this matter? The human intellect can never accept such accusations. Islam, as a religion that suggested a way for every aspect in personal and societal life, would certainly speak out when it comes to the matter of succession. 

The presence of an Imam will not only lead the human society to success, but will also provide the grounds of benefiting from the book of Allah (SWT) and from the efforts of the prophets.  On the other hand, it is not hard for Allah (SWT) to choose an Imam.  Just as He was the One that chose the prophets, He can also choose and introduce an Imam as well.  If Allah (SWT) had not chosen an Imam, mankind would be left in distress in understanding the religion. Holding this right from us would be an indecent act from the side of Allah (SWT); and an indecent act from Allah (SWT) is never possible. If Allah's (SWT) motive in our creation is our growth into perfection, then can it really be possible that Allah (SWT) remained negligent of such a necessity in life?

On the other hand, an Imam must have certain characteristics. According to intellect a Shiite belief Imam must be fully aware of all realities and rights and must be infallible. With such characteristics, identifying a true Imam would be impossible for normal human beings. Thus it is Allah (SWT) that informs us of an Imam. 

If you purchase tools, certainly you would ask the manufacturer how to work with the items. The same goes for being able to fully benefit from the book of Allah (SWT) and His religion. One must learn about the book of Allah (SWT) and its specifics only from the persons who possess divine knowledge.


(Selection taken from "Lessons from Fundamental Beliefs" by Dr. Asadi Garmaroudi)


Has Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) chosen a successor by the order of Allah (SWT)?  If Allah (SWT) did in fact appoint a successor for the prophet, when and how did the prophet introduce him to the people?  Dear friend, you may find the answer to these questions in the final moths of the blessed life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and in his final Hajj.  To learn more about these incidents please read the article entitled The Event of Ghadir and its Importance.


The following is a selection from the article Event of Ghadir and its Importance:

On Thursday, 18th of Dhi al-Hajjah (10 March 632), the Prophet (PBUH&HP) arrived at Ghadir Khumm. Before the inhabitants of Damascus, Iraq, and Egypt were separated from their caravans, Gabriel descended this verse upon the Prophet (PBUH&HP): "O Messenger! Deliver what bas been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message, and Allah (SWT) will protect you from the people".This verse commanded the Prophet (PBUH&HP) to preach what had previously been revealed regarding Ali (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH&HP) commanded the caravans to stop at that location and for those who have gone ahead to return to Ghadir Khumm, while those who had not reached the Prophet (PBUH&HP) to move faster towards them

On this auspicious occasion the Roshd team has provided you with a small selection of the speech of the Prophet (PBUH&HP). In order to listen to this selection (in Arabic) please click here.


Congratulations to all Muslims and especially you dear friend

on the blessed Eid of Ghadir:

Eid for completion of religion and the day of declaring

Amir al-Mu'minin Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib's (PBUH) succession.


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