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Birthday of Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (PBUH) :  Sublime Nature 

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 



Sublime Nature


The nature of Imam Hassan Mujtaba (PBUH) was such that he would not allow a needy person to return empty handed.  He was so generous, giving large sums in aid, which was cause for the people’s astonishment.  Imam Hassan (PBUH) wanted to provide the means of a needy person’s entire living, rather than one day alone, for the fear that he asks another person’s help.


One day, a person visited Imam Mujtaba (PBUH) and asked him about munificence.  The Imam responded, “Giving prior to being asked, and feeding in difficulty (and drought).”1


There is great value in a person’s generous giving, one in which as said by the Imam, gives prior to being asked.  People, who work to solve people’s financial problems are blessed by the Almighty Allah.2   Allah blesses them with worldly respect and ease in their works.  It is therefore, best to begin the process of giving before being asked, and to listen to the problems of close ones and friends.  


As part two of his generosity, he worked to solve people’s problems and shortcomings.  Many people whom we know may face financial difficulties when it comes to obtaining food.  We should especially remember them in the blessed month of Ramadan.  If they are relatives, we should provide them with food to the best of our ability, and offer it to them respectfully.  Practicing these methods, especially by the younger ones is worthy of praise.  How wonderful it is for the young to show such gracious attitudes, which will bring good unto themselves as well. 


On the other side of a gracious person there is the greedy and stingy person, for whom the traditions of the Holy Prophet have greatly warned about carrying out transactions with such people.  Imam Hassan (PBUH) was asked about the meaning of stinginess.  He responded, “Stinginess and baseness is giving little and having a foul and insulting tongue.”3


What is meant by the word “nadi” in the above narration is the palms of a hand.  A stingy person has a small hand, one who does not have a generous hand. 


Allah blesses a hand that gives and is generous.  The more we hold our hands, the more we restrict the blessings of Allah unto us.  It is not the amount of wealth that we have, rather how we spend it.  A greedy person is a person whom in addition to not having a giving hand has a foul mouth, and no one is at ease from his tongue. 


How wonderful it is to learn from this generous example, and by practicing it according to the words of the oppressed leader, to attain and reserve the high stature and magnanimity.   


Selection taken from the book The Goodness of Hassan by Sayyed Hussein Husseini, with minor changes


On behalf of Roshd we congratulate you dear friend and all other Muslims for the birth anniversary of the generous of the Ahlul Bayt, the second Shiite leader, Imam Hassan Mujtaba (Peace be Upon Him)


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