Roshd Islamic Shia Website : Ocassion Letters 2004/07/21
Martyrdom of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (PBUH) : I was Guided with the Light of Fatimah...  

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


I was Guided with the Light of Fatimah …
The words hit within me like an arrow. They opened a wound that I don’t think will heal easily. I was fighting with my tears and trying to prevent them from falling on my face but it was useless. The tears rolled down on my cheeks as if they wanted to wash off the disgrace of history in my heart. Then I decided to pass the stations of the history to find out the tragedy of the Ummah, and this was the beginning of recognizing the identity of motion and transmission through the way of beliefs and history and accepting reasons.
This happened in a house where my Shia cousin was staying in. I went there just to pay a visit and speak to him about the usual things …
In a second the voice of a speaker that was coming out from the stereo attracted my attention, which was saying, “This is the sermon of Lady Zahra (PBUH) which is in both Sunni, and Shia source.” Before hearing this tape I was not ready to follow the discussions about the differences between the two sects (meaning Sunni, and Shia). However we had found out that my cousin had become Shia and we have Asked Allah (SWT) to guide him, and as far as we could we tried not to argue about this matter with him. Yet Allah (SWT) wanted to give us the last ultimatum and finish the arguments for us.
The speaker started the sermon with a soft and nice voice and it reached through my soul. I figured that such words cannot come from an ordinary person, even if he/she was a great scholar who had studied one thousand years, but they were just miracle. Clear speech, strong phrases, knocker reasoning, sturdy explanation … I let the words take me with them, as I listened to them I couldn’t control myself and the tears rolled down on my cheeks.
What surprised me were the sturdy words that were addressing the Caliph of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP). What astounded me more was that these words were coming from the daughter of the Prophet. Then what has happened? I was not sure about trueness of this sermon, but in that moment something got into my mind. As the first drop of my tears were coming down from the bottom of my heart, I decided to get into a serious discussion with my cousin, yet in this respect I did not want to hear from a person but I sought the beginning of the  rope to hang onto and begin my journey with.
It was the end of the tape I wiped off the tears and tried to hide them from him so that my cousin couldn’t notice them, I didn’t know why? Maybe I was proud of myself, but the greatness of the tragedy made me to raise some questions, yet I did not want an answer for them. It was just something to reduce the pressure I was taking. He told me, “First of all it is necessary for you to know who Fatimah (PBUH) is, and then start your research so that I wouldn’t force my beliefs to you. He then said the first source that you can use as your rope to begin your researches with, is Sahih al-Bukhari1.” He gave me the book and that was something unexpected …
(Taken from “I was Guided with the Light of Fatimah ...” by Abd al-Mun’im Hassan Sudaani)
Roshd website offers its condolences to all Muslims specially you our dear friend on this day, the third of Jamadi al-Thani the anniversary of martyrdom of the light of the truth, the spirit of purity, the soul of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP), Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (PBUH).
On the anniversary of her Martyrdom it might be proper to gain some information about the different aspects of her life. Therefore we suggest you to take a look on the article of “The Life of Fatimah (PBUH)” available on the website.
1. Sahih al-Bukhari is one of the most authentic books after Quran and the most important Sahih amongst the six Sahih of the Sunnis.