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Demise of The Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP) :  Thinking at Work 

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




        Thinking at Work



The issue was so important that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) repeated his question three times, “Do you (promise) to do that which I ask you to?”


The man confirmed all three times. He had come to the Messenger of Allah asking for advice.


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) then said: “Think about its consequence before performing any action; if that act is cause of growth (guidance) for you, and if it is an act that would misguide you, leave it.”1


Unfortunately most people in today’s society focus on immediate gratification.  They use any means to reach those desires, and pay little attention to the consequence of their actions. People often don’t think about the repercussions of their decisions, whether a decision they made involves the satisfaction of Allah, whether it is in accordance to the traditions of the Prophet (PBUH&HP), and whether it leads or misleads.


Being able to think about our actions is an invaluable tool, which distinguishes mankind from other creatures. Thus, the Prophet’s (PBUH&HP) simple advice to the Arab man is a golden scroll to use and constantly evaluate our large and smaller actions.


Along the same lines, the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) said the following to one of his companions, Ibn Masoud, “O Son of Masoud, whenever you wanted to do something, (make sure) it is out of knowledge and thought.  Refrain for acting without knowing and thinking…(2)(3)   




The Roshd Website offers condolences to all Muslims upon the anniversary of the demise of the last Messenger, the mercy upon the universe, and master of the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa (PBUH&HP)

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3.Translation of narration taken from Mafatih al-Hayat