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Martyrdom of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (PBUH) : The Start of Darkness 


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful



The Start of Darkness

A while had passed since the usurpation of the caliphate from Imam Ali (PBUH) and the attack on the house of Lady Fatimah (PBUH), which led to her grave injuries. As her health worsened, few women in Medina came to visit her and expressing, “Dear daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) how did you spend your night in illness and how are you now?”

Lady Fatimah (PBUH) praised Allah and sent blessings upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), and in response to the ladies, did not speak of her pains, but spoke in a stern, sad, and moving tone:

‘By Allah (SWT) I spent the night hating your world, counting your men as enemies, and hating them.

I tested them, distanced them, and was angered by them….

Whoa on them! How did they do away with the strong mountains and basis of prophethood and divine leadership? (How did they do forsake) the area of revelation, the place where the truthful Angel Gabriel descended, the place of those aware in the affairs of the world and religion?

Verily, that will be a manifest loss.1

What complaint did they have on Ali (PBUH)?!

By Allah! Their complaint of him was of his sharp sword, and his indifference against death in the battlefield, and his strength in battle against the enemies.

Indeed, by Allah (if he was the caliph) whenever people would go astray from the path of truth and neglect open reason, he would have guided them kindly and softly towards the goal.  (He would guide them) such that was in no way hurtful. Neither would the ride get weak nor the rider tired or exhausted. 

He would in no way benefit from the world, except to quench the thirst of the thirsty and satisfy the hungry. 

And as Allah has said: And if the people of the towns had believed and kept their duty, We would certainly have opened for them blessings from the heavens and the earth. But they rejected, so We seized them for what they earned.2


And those who did wrong of these, will also be overtaken by the evil results (torment) for that which they earned, and they will never be able to escape.3

Now come and hear of the baseless reasons of the usurpers; and no matter how much you age the world will show you a new amazement! If you want to be surprised be surprised of their (the usurpers) words.

Oh how I wish I knew of which sources they based their arguments on? Which foundations did they base their trust on? And what have they held on to?

Whoa on them! “Is He then Who guides to the truth more worthy to be followed, or he who himself does not go aright unless he is guided? What then is the matter with you; how do you judge?”4

Be aware, by my life, the camel of caliphate has been impregnated.  Await. Not long will pass when it gives birth to its calf. (And then you will see what calf it has brought). And then you will see that instead of a bowl of milk, you will you will be milking bowls of fresh poisonous blood.


“On that Day the followers of falsehood shall lose (everything).”5

Go and remain happy with your world, and be satisfied with it, but be prepared for a test and anxious affliction, which afflicts you.

Be happy with your sharp swords and the corrupt rule of bloodthirsty invaders, and the anarchic chaos that will come from the rule of tyrant oppressors.

A rule that will do away with your wealth and invade your population!

Whoa upon you! How do you hope to be saved while though truth has remained hidden from you, and are unaware of the true happenings?

“Shall we force it upon you, while you are averse from it?”


(Selection from “Al-Ihtijaj ‘Alaa Ahle Llejaj” by Sheikh Tabarsi with minor changes)



The Roshd Website offers condolences to all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon 3rd of Jamadi al-Thani, the anniversary of the martyrdom of the flesh of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) and the defender of the Divine guardianship, Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (PBUH).

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