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The Birthday of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) : Moving Towards Allah (SWT) 

 In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Moving Towards Allah (SWT)

It has been narrated in the book “Amaali” from Imam Sadiq (PBUH) that Jesus (PBUH) told his companions:

“O, sons of Adam! Recourse to God from the world and take your hearts off of it, for that it does not suit you, and you don’t suit it. You won’t stay with it and it won’t stay with you for a long time. The world is full of adventures and trickeries. Fooled is the one who relies on it, and loser is the one who trusts it, and failed is the one who likes it and wants it.

Repent to God and fear the day that the son will not be punished for his father. Where are your fathers?  Where are your mothers, brothers and sister? They were called; they yielded and said good-bye to this world, they became neighbors to the dead and passed away. They separated from their friends and became needy to what they had sent before them while becoming needless to what they left .Until when should you be advised? Until when should you be prevented while you don’t prevent yourself, and remain in entertainment and negligence? Your story is the story of the animal which only think about eating and desires.

Why you don’t have shame from your creator, although he has threatened the disobedient to the hell which you cannot bear, and promised heaven for the obedient? So compete for reaching the heaven, and be just to one another, kind to the needy, and repent to God sincerely. 

Be beneficent servants, not unjust pharaoh-like rulers who disobey the God who has sentenced them to death. The ruler of all rulers, the creator of the heaven and earth who is worshipped by the passed and those coming in the future is a formidable punisher with painful torture. No wrongdoer can escape him, and nothing remains undiscovered by him. His knowledge counts everything and will put everything in its order, whether heaven or earth.

O weak human, where do you escape from the one who finds you during the day or through the darkness of the night in every condition you have? The best promoter is the preacher, the blessed is the one who takes advice."

(The above is a selection taken from “The History of the Prophets”, by Ayatullah Hashim Rasouli Mahallati)

The Roshd Website congratulated all Monotheists of the world, especially you dear friend, upon the birthday of the chosen Messenger of Allah, Prophet Jeses (PBUH).

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