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Eid al-Ad'ha (Qurban) : The Time of Remembrance 

 In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


The Time of Remembrance

Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH) used to make a speech after the prayer of the al-Adha festival; he would remember Allah (SWT), praise and thank Him. He would send salutations to the Prophet of Allah (PBUH&HP) and say:

“The one who obeys Allah and His Prophet is the one who has been guided and reached the great achievement of salvation, and the one who disobeys Allah and His Prophet, has been lost and struck by decisive loss. 

I advise you servants of Allah to being careful about your duty to Allah, remembering death frequently and asceticism in the world which has not benefited those who have passed away. And similarly it will not benefit the people of the future; your destiny in this world is the same as the destiny of the people prior to you.

Don’t you see that the world has moved on and announced its expiration? The world informs of annihilation and the theme of death is sung to the ears of those living; just like when sweetness is turned into bitterness and pure water is polluted.   

So you, servants of Allah, get ready for a migration from this dome; the dome which annihilation is destined upon its settlers, and has deprived them from eternal life, and their lives is humiliated by death; so that no alive being can fancy eternal life; there is no soul which does not heed to its order. So beware not to get dominated by dreams to regard the end of life as a far event. Don’t get amused by your dreams, and devote your short lives to the worship of Allah.

And today (the festival of Adha) is indeed a highly respected day and blessings are expected; in this day sins can be forgiven. So remember Allah frequently and ask for forgiveness; for he is the forgiver and beneficent.

When you performed the ritual (of Hajj) eat from the sacrificed meat and bestow it and thank Allah for bestowing you the meat of camels, cows and sheeps.

Perform the Salat and pay the Alms and do the worships perfectly and in a good manner. Show eagerness for Jihad, Hajj pilgrimage, fasting, and what are made obligatory for you, for their rewards are great and everlasting; and abandoning them is distress that can never be amended.           

Uphold preaching to the good deeds and discouragement from the evil; do so to make the unjust fearful, and help the oppressed, and hinder the one who spreads doubt in the minds of people.

Be kind toward the women and those inferior to you in rank, be honest and trustworthy and be from those who uphold justice.   

Don’t get deceived by the worldly life and deceitful Satan to prevent you from obeying Allah. No doubt that the best word is the remembrance of God, and the most prominent preach for the pious is the Book of Allah, the Mighty, Wise."

Then he used to say " I recourse to Allah from the outcast Satan" and recited the chapter al-Tawhid.

Yes, truly following these teachings in the stream of life would bring hopes for salvation. So beware not to be negligent and easily lose this day; the day which is of the best opportunities to assess ourselves and our practices.

(The above is a selection taken from "Man La Yahduruhu al-Faqih", by Shaykh Saduq, with some additions)

 The Roshd Website congratulates all Muslims and Monotheists,

especially you dear friend,

upon Eid al-Ad'ha,

the day of hoisting the flag of obedience on the base of humanity.

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