Nowadays, mutual and consistent relationship with the audience seems to be a crucial factor in having a successful dialogue. The Roshd team understood the necessity of this connection, and proceeded to hold an effective relationship with its audience. Through the section entitled "Contact Us", we have tried to answer questions pertaining to principle beliefs and other related issues in Islam, especially the Shia faith. Due to repetition and prevalence of some questions, we decided to make these questions and answers available on the website, and update them on a regular basis. The questions have been classified under a specific category. To read the questions and answers, simply click on the question under each category, and you will be directed to its answer. We hope that this section can be useful to our audience.

The God of Muslims (Allah) and the God of Christians
The Divine Mercy and the Punishment in the Hereafter
  «Divine Justice»
Allah's Justice and the Death of the Children
Divine Justice a Principle of Religion, Why?
Islam- Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and the Rest of the people
Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Longevity and Occultation
The Return of the Infallible Imams (PBUT)
Seeking This World VS. Seeking the Hereafter (Akhirah)
The Purpose of Marriage- The Characteristics of the Spouse
The Holy Quran and the Parents
  «General Islamic Laws»
Taqiyya (Dissimulation of Religion)
Salat (Daily Prayers), Why Five Times a Day?
Prostrating on Earth
  «General Questions»
Granting a Prayer
Islam, the Religion of Violence or the Religion of Love?
Islamic Regulations, Reason for Superiority?